Where Is Sands End?

Exploring England looks interesting and fun to do. There are some unique places to visit. One of the cities is Sands End. Where is Sands End? What kind of this city is it? You have to reveal this city before you go there.

The Location of Sands End
Sands End is an ancient parish area in Fulham before County Middlesex. It becomes the southernmost region of London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England. In the circumstance of the deep Thames River, it is located within Chelsea Creek and the old plantation of Peterborough, the west area of Wandsworth Bridge. It is also located in the north edge of New King’s Road. Meanwhile, it is famous for its dock, and industrial area. You can reach it using Uber’s ridesharing service, it costs less than £15 if you are picked up from central London. I choose Uber as it recommended by rideshareaunz.com, I know this after visiting Melbourne last year.

The History of Sands End
It is not complete without discussing Sands End. Where is Sands End? It has been answered and known about the location of this city. There is a map showing the spot of Sands End from Fulham Metropolitan Borough appearing in 1916. For decades, this swampy place is a rural area. It is isolated from the other villages and main roads to go to London.

How to Get Sands End
Sands End is a rural city. There are few transportation modes to go to this city. Because it has a bad transportation network for that city, it makes many people get difficulties to get there. It has no railway station because it has many reservoirs in the middle decade hampering the development of the building. The station of Imperial Wharf was opened on 27th September 2009 providing rail to get there directly. It is expected that this city will have a vitalization of the new station and transportation network in the previous area with bus route of 391 and C3. Those are some things of Sands End. Where is Sands End? It is located in Fulham.

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